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School CP - April 1817

Corpun file 19950

Inverness Journal, Scotland, 4 April 1817

To the Editor of the Inverness Journal.

Press cuttingMR EDITOR. -- I was in hopes, that, amidst the discussions which have taken place, and in which we are so much interested, notice would have been taken of a circumstance, which certainly ought not to have been overlooked.

When the services of the old janitor were dispensed with, a Gardener of our present Provost, Dr. R. was put in his place; after the exercising ground of the Academy was recovered by the money received from India, the grass of that ground, which, according to the late Advertisement of one of our Magistrates, should be worth upwards of 20, was given to this Gardener [...]

The Gardener had a large family of six or seven children; about eighteen months ago he married an olim chambermaid of Dr. R.'s. and died three or four months ago; a great many applications have been made for his situation, but the Chairman and Provost have thought proper to suspend the Quarterly Meetings of Directors, which prevents the application from being taken into consideration; in the mean time, she is kept there [...]


But my principal object, Mr. Editor, for mentioning the matter, is of more personal interest; the propriety of keeping a good looking young woman in such a situation, when it is considered that part of a Janitor's duty is to horse the boys, i.e. to take big kilted fellows, of 17 or 18 years old, on her back to be flogged.

My son is one of the big boys of the Academy, and, like others of his age, he is head-strong, and fond of his own way; he and his companions are sometimes forming plans for mischief, on purpose that they may be hoisted on Margaret's back, but whether the treak or the fear of the flogging prevails, I don't know. I do not, however, like the sort of conversation they hold on the subject [...]

I am, Mr. Editor, your most obedient servant,

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