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School CP - October 1801

Corpun file 18593

The Times, London, 17 October 1801

[News in Brief]

[No headline in original]

press cuttingAn insurrection manifested itself, last week, in the very heart of the Metropolis, threatening the destruction of one of our most ancient institutions.

Some of the young Gentlemen of Westminster School having been addressed with the appellation of Trencher-caps, by an inhabitant of one of the streets adjoining, took vengeance of the offender, by flogging him. The man made a complaint to the master, Dr. Vincent, declaring, at the same time, that he would seek redress at law from the principal offender. The master, zealous for the preservation of the discipline of the school, prepared to inflict corporal chastisement, and the students prepared to rebel.

Accordingly, on Friday morning, after throwing some books on the head-master's table, they marched out of school in a body, broke the windows of Dr. Wingfield, the second master, and absented themselves from all duty for the whole of that day; but, on the next day, reflection, and the advice of their friends, convinced them of their folly: the culprits returned, repentant and submissive.

The principal offender, he who had been most active in flogging the man, yielded himself to punishment; and the principal instigator of the rebellion was sentenced to expulsion.

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