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Judicial CP - December 1922

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The Vancouver Sun, Canada, 31 December 1922, p.34

Wild scenes as men are doomed to be flogged

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BELFAST, Dec. 30. -- There were distressing scenes here when eleven men, convicted of robbery and attempted robbery under arms, were sentenced to terms of penal servitude ranging from seven to three years, and to receive from 10 to 15 strokes of the cat.

The public gallery was crowded with the women friends of the prisoners and the imposition of each sentence was followed by shrieks, screams and weeping.

In one case a detective who surprised three of the prisoners was fired at, but the bullet was deflected from his heart by a cigarette case.

One of the other prisoners, Daniel O'Toole, who is only 16, was too young to be flogged with the cat, and was ordered to receive 20 strokes of the birch, in addition to six years penal servitude. The judge said O'Toole was utterly reckless in the use of firearms.

Sentence of nine months and 15 strokes of the birch was passed on another youth, Patrick Murray, for being in possession of firearms. His father was first arrested and charged and the youth then volunteered the information to the police that the weapons were his own property.

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