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The Times, London, 2 October 1866

Flogging garotters

Three persons, named Daniel and David Bryant and William Pendergast, who were convicted at the last session of the Central Criminal Court [London] to be flogged prior to undergoing sentences of imprisonment and penal servitude for robberies in the street, accompanied by personal violence, underwent the most unpleasant and painful portion of their punishment on Saturday in Newgate. The flogging was inflicted by a cat-o'-nine-tails by Calcraft. Although they were sentenced to received 40 stripes, Mr. Gibson, the surgeon of the prison, felt himself justified in ordering Calcraft to desist after the prisoners had received 20 lashes only.


The Times, London, 3 October 1866

Flogging garotters

To the Editor of The Times

Sir, I do not know to whom you are indebted for the paragraph that appears in your to-day's impression, under this heading, but as it is not in accordance with the facts, I shall feel obliged by your inserting this correction.

The flogging took place not on Saturday last, but on Tuesday, the 25th of September, and in the cases of Michael Bryan and David Bryan, two powerful men, no variation whatever was made in the sentence, but they each received their full 40 lashes.

In the case of Bartholomew Prendergast, who, though returned in the calendar as 19, appeared quite a lad, it was reported to the Sheriffs by Dr. Gibson, the surgeon of the gaol, that the same punishment could not with safety be inflicted, and, it being evident, after 20 lashes had been administered that such was the case, the Sheriffs deemed it their duty, acting upon the opinion of the surgeon, to stop the further carrying out of the sentence and report the case to the learned Judge.

I am, Sir; your obedient servant, C.M.M. RAWLINS, Ex-Under-Sheriff. No. 29, Coleman-street, October 2

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