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Judicial CP - 1685

The Historian's Guide, London (1701)

1685. May 9.

This day Titus Oates, (who under pretence of a Popish Plot, had Sworn several Persons out of their Lives) was tryed upon two several Indictments for Perjury, and upon a full and clear Evidence, was Convicted of Perjury upon both the said Indictments.


1685. May 16.

cover of Historian's GuideTitus Oates being brought to the King's-Bench Bar, the Court awarded Judgment against him as follows, That he should be divested of his Canonical Habit for ever, That on Monday following, he be carried around Westminster-Hall with a Paper on his Head declaring his Offence in these Words, Titus Oates, Convicted upon full Evidence for two Horrid Perjuries, And that afterwards he stand in the Pillory before Westminster-hall-Gate, and on Tuesday before the Royal-Exchange; That on Wednesday he be whip'd from Aldgate to Newgate by the Common Hangman, and on Friday following from Newgate to Tyburn; That he stand in the Pillory every 24th of April during his Life before Tyburn, every 9th of August in the Palace-Yard at Westminster, every 10th of Aug. at Charing-Cross, every 11th of Aug. at Temple-Bar, and every 2d. of Sept. before the Royal-Exchange; That he Pay a Fine of 1000 Marks for each Perjury, and that he suffer Imprisonment during Life.


1685. June 29.

Thomas Dangerfield, being Convicted upon an Information for Writing and Publishing a most Villainous and Scandalous Libel called his Narrative, received Judgment at the King's-Bench Bar, That he should stand in the Pillory before Westminster-hall-Gate, and before the Royal-Exchange, That he should be Whipt from Aldgate to Newgate, and from Newgate to Tyburn; That he Pay a Fine of 500 l. and find Sureties for his good Behaviour during his Life.


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