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Judicial CP - August 1904

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The Times, London, 27 August 1904, p.8

Corporal Punishment.

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A return of all sentences of corporal punishment inflicted under 26 and 27 Vict., c.44, upon persons convicted of offences against section 43 of the Larceny Act, 1861, and section 21 of the Offences against the Person Act, 1861, in England and Wales for the year 1903 has been issued as a Parliamentary paper [296] in continuation of Parliamentary Paper 185, of Session 1903.

The return states the place and date of trial, the initials of the prisoner, his age on committal, the name of the Judge or Commissioner, and the number of strokes ordered. Out of the 16 cases in the year four were for robbery with violence, 12 for robbery with violence by persons in company.

There were no cases of robbery with violence by persons armed or of offences against section 21 of the Offences against the Person Act. In no case was the whipping ordered to be inflicted more than once. In 14 cases the "cat" was used, in two the birch-rod. The number of strokes varied from six to 24, and the age of the culprits from 16 to 30. Of the 16 cases two were tried at the Central Criminal Court before the Common Serjeant; five at the Central Criminal Court before Judge Rentoul; three at Chester County Assizes, at Chester, before Mr. Justice Lawrence; one at Kent County Assizes, at Maidstone, before Mr. Justice Darling; and one at York County Assizes (West Riding), at Leeds, before Mr. Justice Darling.

In addition to these sentences, four sentences of whipping were inflicted in 1903 at quarter sessions under the Vagrancy Act, 1835, for grossly indecent exposure of the person.

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