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Judicial CP - December 1886

Corpun file 16393

News of the World, London, 19 December 1886

The Police Courts.



Singular Conduct of a Boy.

press cuttingGeorge Cooper, 12, living in Natal-road, Streatham, was charged with breaking and entering the house of William Phipps, Ellora-road, Streatham, and stealing therein 1.3s.

The house of the prosecutor had been entered on two Sundays prior to the 12th inst., and money taken, the prosecutor being absent at church. On Sunday Police-constable Witt, 236 W, kept watch. He saw the prisoner go to the basement window, and try to raise it but failed. He endeavoured with a knife to force back the catch, but in this he did not succeed. He then cut the putty away from a pane of glass, removed the latter, opened the window, and got inside. The constable stopped the prisoner as he was ascending the stairs, and asked him what he was doing there. He said he had lost a ball, and had come to look for it. He was told that story would not do, and he would have to go to the station. On the way there he admitted having twice before entered the house and stolen money.

Newbath (the under gaoler) informed the magistrate that the boy had said another lad had told him how he broke into his master's place, and that was how he learned to do this.

Some friends of the boy came forward, and in answer to Mr. Biron said the lad had always acted very properly prior to this.

Mr. Biron asked the mother of the boy if she was willing he should deal with it, and she said she was.

Mr. Biron said it was an alarming thing to see a lad of respectable appearance starting such a life. He ordered him to receive 12 strokes with a birch rod.

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