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Judicial CP - April 1886

News of the World, London, 11 April 1886

The Police Courts. Lambeth.

The Birch for Naughty Boys.

Three respectable-looking lads, named Baker, Templin, and Pegg, were charged with stealing money from the Lorrimore Parochial School, Walworth.

cuttingMr. Gabb, parish clerk, stated that he found an entry had been made into the school, and some missionary boxes broken open and contents taken. He afterwards went with Detective Weatherhead and traced the prisoners.

At the station Templin said he first concealed himself in the school room, but was found by the caretaker and turned out. He afterwards with Baker got over a wall, broke open a school door with a poker, and got in. They left the other boy outside to keep watch.

The missionary-box and another box were opened, and money taken out. They afterwards divided the money, and he and Baker went by train to Battersea Park, bought some cigarettes, and smoked, and had a holiday.

Mr. Gabb, in answer to the magistrate, said the boys had hitherto borne excellent characters, and the parents were very respectable people.

The father of each prisoner came forward and expressed deep regret at what had taken place, and it was believed they had been led away by bad boys.

In answer to Mr. Biron, the parents consented that his worship should deal with the case.

Mr. Biron said all of them had been guilty of a very serious offence, for which they must be punished. The two first named would receive 12 and the third six strokes with the birch rod.

They were taken to the Kennington-lane station for the infliction of the punishment.

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