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Judicial CP - September 1822

Corpun file 19402

Broadside printed by John Muir, Glasgow, September 1822

An Account of the

Public Flogging

Of EDWARD HAND through the Streets of Glasgow, on Wednesday the 25th September, 1822, for committing a violent Assault on the person of a young Girl under 12 years of age, at Greenock. Also, the Judge's Address to the prisoner on passing Sentence.

HAND was convicted at the last Circuit Court at Glasgow, of an attempt to ravish Mary Ann Smart, a girl of only 12 years of age, at Greenock, in July last. The case of course was gone into with closed doors, but after the examination of several witnesses, he was convicted on the clearest evidence.

Lord Meadowbank then shortly addressed the prisoner, commenting with much energy on the enormity of his guilt, considering his age (above 40), and his being the head of a family. He hoped he would mend his life, and make up his peace with an offended God. Besides being for ever separated from his country, he would also have to undergo a corporal punishment, and on the 25th of this month he would be taken from the Tolbooth, and whipt through the streets of this City by the hand of the Common Executioner; and if every lash that was laid on his body did not atone for his crime, it was hoped it would at least bring repentance. In the country he was going to he would be strictly looked after, and although good conduct would receive its due reward, a very trifling offence would be severely punished. — He was then sentenced to be whipped and afterwards transported for life.

Glasgow, 25th Sept. -- This being the day on which he was to undergo the whipping, about 12 o'clock a detachment of the 7th dragoons drew up before the east door of the prison, a cart soon after arrived, and the prisoner was immediately brought out, when the Executioner tied his hands to the cart, which was surrouded [sic] by a numerous posse of peace officers, police officers, constable, &c., the whole guarded by the dragoons. The cavalcade then proceeded to the front of the jail where he received twenty lashes, which he seemed to feel very keenly; it then proceeded west to the foot of Stockwell where the punishment was again repeated; and also at the head of Stockwell, and at the Cross, making 80 stripes in all. His back was much lacerated and bleeding profusely. Although the day was very wet, an immense crowd attended; and all the windows of the shops in the streets through which the cavalcade passed were shut up.

Hand is an Englishman, about 40 or 45 years of age, stout made, and is a glassblower to trade.

The crime for which the above culprit suffered, we are sorry to say, is now become very frequent in this country -- no less than three persons are to suffer the punishment of the law at Perth in a few days -- one with death, and two by public whipping. Another case at Ayr has been sent to the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh -- the whole bringing to light a depravity of morals, and an indulgence of passions of such a black and brutal nature, that we thought existed not in any class of the community.

Printed by John Muir, Glasgow.

National Library of Scotland 2004

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