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Domestic CP - June 1947

Corpun file 9017

Evening News, London, 30 June 1947

A Girl, Aged 19, Is Too Old To Be Whipped -- K.C.

WHEN Joan Mary Dowd, 19-year-old cashier, of Clyde-place, Forest Hill, was bound over at Bow-street to-day, for stealing 41 clothing coupons, 2lb. of sugar, and a quarter of a lb. of tea (from her former landlord), the probation officer, Miss Woodward, said the girl had left home because her father beat her for keeping late hours.

The girl's mother said her father was "one of the best in the world." They were both anxious to have her home.

"I think she is a little too old to be whipped," said the magistrate, Mr. J.F. Eastwood, K.C. "I have no doubt she has a good father, but I am not going to have her whipped."

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