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Domestic CP - December 1956

Corpun file 13213

The Straits Times, Singapore, 6 December 1956

'Cops' and 'rioters' clash in Chinatown

Horrified parents drag bottle-throwing lads home and ban new 'game'

TWENTY Chinatown lads in Singapore had their bottoms soundly tanned yesterday.

Angry parents warned them: "Never, never play cops and rioters again."

The youngsters, aged between five and 10, divided themselves into two groups in Stanley Street.

The "cops" were armed with catapults and shields.

The "rioters" had bottles and small stones.

At a signal they charged at one another, screaming lustily and hurling their missiles.

Horrified parents heard the noise of battle and rushed out to separate the combatants.

"Cops" and "rioters" alike were dragged away by the ear and sentenced to a severe spanking.

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