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Judicial CP - August 1964

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Globe & Mail, Toronto, 13 August 1964

Court Orders Strapping For Youths

BRANTFORD -- Eight strokes of the strap each were ordered for two youths convicted in magistrates court here yesterday of a joint charge of robbery with violence in the savage beating of a Brantford man at his home early Tuesday.

Richard John Rivard, 19, of Brantford, and George Thomas Anderson, 20, of Princeton, also were sentenced to six months in jail each by Magistrate A.D. Barron of Kitchener. The magistrate ordered the strappings be administered on two separate occasions of four strokes each time.

Rivard and Anderson, who paled visibly when sentence was passed, pleaded guilty to assaulting Gordon Todd, 45, and stealing $102 in cash, a cheque for $64 and a part bottle of whisky.

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