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Judicial CP - March 1961

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The Advertiser, Adelaide, 21 March 1961

Vandals to be whipped

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Two boys were each sentenced yesterday to a whipping of 10 strokes for having wilfully damaged the Taperoo High School on December 29 and 15 strokes for having maliciously set fire to the school on February 9.

Ordering the whippings in the Port Adelaide Juvenile Court, Mr. L.F.J. Johnston, SM, released the names of the boys for publication.

They are Michialo Romanowycz, 15, junior porter, of Ventura avenue, Taperoo, and Gediminas Poperinskas, 14, student, of Military road, Taperoo.

The magistrate said the instrument with which the whipping would be administered would be prescribed by the Sheriff. The whippings would be private and might given on more than one occasion, at the Sheriff's discretion.

Having regard to a previous case from the Adelaide Juvenile Court a few months ago, the magistrate said he understood that a cane would be the instrument used.

The defendants were committed to the Magill Reformatory until they are 18.

Releasing their names for publication, the magistrate said he could imagine no greater justification for exercising this power than the offences to which they had pleaded guilty.

They had been responsible for losses, through theft and damage, totalling £33,600.

In addition to the offences with which they had been charged, it had been asked that five other offences for breaking and entering, larceny and wilful damage, be considered.

Addressing the defendants, the magistrate said, "Since November 20 you have embarked on a career of crime, and the damage done to the school before you set fire to it was vandalism at its worst.

"You have become menaces to the community and need a sharp lesson."

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