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Judicial CP - July 1934

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Townsville Daily Bulletin, Queensland, 17 July 1934

Cairns Circuit Court.


CAIRNS, July 16.

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The sittings of the Circuit Court in Criminal Jurisdiction was commenced at Cairns this morning, before His Honor Justice R. J. Douglas....


Herbert William Miller, an aborigine, was charged on two counts that at Tarrabah Mission Station, on May 27, he committed a serious offence on a young girl. Accused pleaded guilty to the second charge. His Honor ordered that accused be whipped with 20 strokes with a leather strop on the bare buttocks and to be imprisoned with hard labor until such time as the whipping be inflicted, the imprisonment not to exceed six months. His Honor said that meant that one of these days accused would get 20 strokes with a strop, which should teach him not to interfere with little girls. When accused has received the whipping, be would be released.


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