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Judicial CP - November 1824

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Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 18 November 1824, p.3

Police Office News.

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13. -- Robert Craggs, a prisoner of the Crown, was brought up on a charge of having been seen come through a window in the rear of the stores of Mr. John Atkinson, which stores were let to Government, between the 11 and 12 the preceding night, and passing through the water to the opposite shore. It appeared that 3 men were lurking about the premises at the water side, and that a bag, containing wheat, was thrown down from the store door. Three men, however, contrived to make their escape. The prisoner Craggs was detected in a boat half full of water, with only his face exposed, and was accordingly secured. The sentence of the Bench was, that the prisoner should receive the punishment of 100 lashes on his breech, and be afterwards sent to hard labour at Port Macquarie for the remainder of his sentence.

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