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The Herald, Harare, 6 May 2013

Boy (6) abused by male neighbour

Chinhoyi Bureau

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A Grade One pupil at a local school was forced to suck the private parts of his 18-year-old neighbour before swallowing his sperms in exchange for wild honey. This was after the boy (6) and his three friends refused to have anal intercourse with the man.

The man (name withheld to protect victim's identity), a general worker at a company in Chinhoyi town, has since appeared before Chinhoyi regional magistrate Mr Never Katiyo facing aggravated indecent assault charges.

He was convicted and sentenced to three strokes after a fully contested trial in which he was denying the charge.

Prosecutor Ms Farai Zachariah alleged that the accused followed the boy who was in the company of his friends to Musengi River on April 21, where they had gone to swim.

He asked the boys if they wanted some honey on condition that he had anal sex with them.

They refused, but the boy, who was the youngest in the group, said he wanted the honey, but could not have anal sex with him.

The boy's friends left him behind with the man who then gave him some honey.

The man is said to have grabbed the boy, forced open his mouth before asking him to suck his manhood till he came in his mouth. The man forced the boy to swallow.

The matter came to light after the boy told his brother who went on to report the case to the police.

In passing sentence, Mr Katiyo considered the man's age, adding that there was need to send a strong signal against abuse of children.

In mitigation, the man said he was an orphan who was living with his old granny.

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The Herald, Harare, 27 May 2013

Would-be rapist to get 5 strokes

Court Reporter

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A 14-year-old boy will receive five strokes with a cane after he was convicted of attempting to rape his 13-year-old niece he had accompanied to gather wild fruits in a bush.

The boy admitted to attempted rape charges when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Kudakwashe Jarabini.

The court heard that on January 5 in Seke, the girl asked the boy to accompany her to the nearby bushes where she wanted to gather wild fruits. He agreed and went with her.

While they were walking in the bush, the boy grabbed the girl and tried to undress her resulting in a scuffle as the girl fought to break free.

The boy tried to pin the girl on the ground but was overpowered. The girl was rescued by her father who suddenly appeared at the scene prompting the boy to run away into the thicket.

The boy was arrested after the girl's father reported the matter to the police. Mr Edmond Ndambakuwa prosecuted.

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