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Video clips: Unofficial or extrajudicial paddlings

With comments by C. Farrell

Five video clips showing CP administered by prison or police officials in Venezuela.

If you find scenes of brutality harrowing or upsetting, you should not view these clips.

CLIP 1 OF 5: Mass paddling of prisoners

This clip from 2008 (1 minute 30 seconds) is called "Maltrato por parte de La Policia del Estado Aragua en el Centro de Atención al Detenido Alayon" (abuse by Aragua State police at Alayon detention centre). Prisoners, at least some of whom appear to be youngsters, are paddled with a bat in a courtyard. They are lying face down on the ground naked. After receiving one swat across the buttocks, each prisoner gets up, pick up his clothes and goes inside. One offender is seen getting an extra whack facing the wall before he is dismissed.

 There is a systematic, "production-line" flavour to this, and one gets the impression that it is a routine event. The way in which the recipients take their punishment suggests that they expect it, and perhaps are used to it. One observer has suggested that this is a "welcome spanking" which all new prisoners automatically receive (cf. 18th-century Saxony, where every prisoner was flogged on arrival), but we have no corroboration for that.


CLIP 2 OF 5: More prison paddling

A rather similar scene, likewise from 2008 (1 minute 40 seconds), at a prison in Coro, Falcón State. The modus operandi differs only in that the punishment is received in a standing position, facing the wall. Each prisoner comes forward in turn, drops his underpants if he is not already naked, and receives two swats (or, in a couple of cases, three swats) on the bare backside.

 Towards the end of this scene, a second officer takes over the job of paddling. The soundtrack is missing from the last part of the clip.


CLIP 3 OF 5: Thieves paddled in police station

This 4-minute film, also dated 2008, shows two alleged thieves being disciplined extrajudicially in Venezuela by, it would appear, out-of-control police officers. This sort of thing sometimes happens in jurisdictions where the official legal system is not functioning properly.

 The 2018 US State Department human rights report for VenezuelaEXTERNAL LINK: opens in new window notes that Venezuela features "pervasive corruption and immunity among all security forces". It adds that "reports of beatings and humiliating treatment of suspects during arrests were common and involved various law enforcement agencies and the military".

 The first offender receives seven swats, and the second three. At one point the person administering the paddling also hits the first prisoner's head.

 The instrument used is absurdly long. The prisoners stand up facing the wall to receive their punishment, although they are not being kept there by any direct physical means. Maybe a gun is trained on them to make sure they stay in place. Or perhaps they have agreed to be paddled in exchange for not being formally charged and locked up.

 Some of those present are treating the event as an amusing entertainment, which lends a particularly distasteful tone to the proceedings. One vulgar idiot shouting annoyingly loud near the camera is pretending to be giving a "sports commentary", I'm told.

 See also a Venezuelan blogger's commentsEXTERNAL LINK: opens in new window on this (in Spanish), which shows that a version of this video clip has been broadcast on local TV, and describes the case as "police torture" in which a group of detainees were seriously mistreated.


CLIP 4 OF 5: "Punished thief", outdoor paddling

I am told that the following clip is also from Venezuela and dates from 2010. The punishment is being administered by police. The instrument is a paddle, very briefly glimpsed. The culprit is made to face the wall and drop his trousers to be punished on his bare buttocks. We only see the first swat, and he makes quite a fuss about it, possibly because he has already been beaten in a random fashion beforehand with a whip (not shown here, because it is only from this point on that it can be described as "corporal punishment").


CLIP 5 OF 5: More paddling of young thieves

It is not certain that this clip (2013) is from Venezuela; if not, it could be from Mexico. The one-and-a-half-minute sequence tips over the borderline into casual brutality at certain points, but mostly it consists of systematic swats across the buttocks with a huge paddle, so on balance it can just about be classified as corporal punishment. For some reason one of the offenders has to take down his pants but not the other. Note soldiers guarding the proceedings with guns.


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