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Army guy gets a paddling

Video clips: USA fun/fraternity/folklore

With comments by C. Farrell

United States - paddling for fun: three clips.

Paddled bottom Clip 1 of 1 -- Paddling on basketball shorts (1 minute 30 seconds)

There are zillions of amateur videos on YouTube and elsewhere of youngsters spanking, caning and paddling each other in fun, perhaps to find out what it is like or as a display of masculine endurance. Mostly I must leave readers who are interested in such stuff to find it for themselves; apart from the sheer quantity and the sameyness, the link with "corporal punishment" is usually a bit tenuous. But this clip, involving a couple of American lads larking about (and their dog), seemed worth picking out because it does suggest just how painful the paddle can be, even just one swat with a rather small instrument. It doesn't even look to be a particularly hard swat. The "victim" shows his buttocks afterwards and a solid bright red patch is seen. Of course, it is possible that the swat we see was not the first one.


Clip 2 of 3 -- US Army fun in Iraq (45 seconds)

Bored American soldiers in Iraq (2006). One submits to a paddling just for fun. The implement is a big long fraternity paddle. Again, we see how much pain a single swat to the buttocks can deliver.


Clip 3 of 3 -- A fraternity punishment (20 seconds)

This seems to be a real college fraternity paddling (date and location unknown). The pledge bends over with hands on knees and receives one swat. After he stands up, he has to shake hands with the paddler and say "Thank you, Sir".


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