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Domestic/family corporal punishment -- USA -- video clips

Uncle whips nephew

With comments by C. Farrell

Five video clips of boys being whipped with a belt or paddle by their relatives or other concerned adults. updated


Date: 2011
Duration: 1 minute

A young man is filmed getting a belt-whipping from his uncle for misbehavior on line. The uncle then orders him to put the clip on his Facebook wall. This is either "the real thing" or very good acting, but who is operating the camera? Warning: strong language.



Date: 2011
Duration: 1½ minutes

In much more light-hearted circumstances, a boy gets two whacks with a belt from his uncle. It is not clear what he is supposed to have done; the uncle is not taking the matter very seriously. The boy's mother is also present, and comforts him at the end of the clip. It appears to have been edited and uploaded by the lad himself.



Date: 2014
Duration: 45 seconds

This takes place in a school, but it is not school CP: the boy (reportedly a 9th-grader, though he looks younger) is being belted by his father in front of his peers -- arguably not a very good idea. The modus operandi is somewhat random and informal, as is probably typical for domestic CP.


CLIP 4 OF 5 (Silent film) updated

Date: 2000
Duration: 40 seconds

This scene is claimed to be "A father allegedly punishing his two boys for shoplifting, by giving them a public spanking with a bat". Actually it looks quite like a US school paddle. It is not certain that this took place in the United States, but it is not obvious where else the clip might have come from (the vehicle registration plate is not visible). Presumably the setting is the parking lot of the shop in question.

 The man appears to be a bit angry, but not out of control, and after administering three hard swats each to the seats of the boys' pants, he remonstrates with one of them and then throws the paddle into the back of the pick-up truck (where it breaks), while the other lad jumps around in pain.

 An interesting aspect of the scene is that the young men have already obediently assumed the position with their hands on the side of the truck even before their father (if that is who it is) arrives, as if they are already accustomed to this procedure. Another question is: who filmed this? On investigation I find that it was filmed with a cellphone off a CCTV monitor screen, which explains why the picture is not steady, as original CCTV footage would be.

 This does not really look to me like typical parental discipline. A possible alternative interpretation is that these are reformatory boys being disciplined by a member of the reformatory staff. That might explain the official-looking paddle, the relative formality of the punishment, the youths' apparent familiarity with the procedure, and the seemingly resigned manner in which they submit to it. But this is just a hunch on my part.

UPDATE: It is now claimed that this paddling took place in South Africa in December 2000. A Facebook page in Afrikaans carries a purported description by somebody who says he filmed it off the CCTV monitor at his father's shop, and that the two beneficiaries, brothers, were students aged about 20 and 21 working in the shop during the holidays. Allegedly they were caught stealing goods from the shop, whereupon the shop owner contacted their father, who arrived to punish them forthwith, according to this. It seems a plausible scenario, but I have no way of knowing whether it is true.

blob NOTE: this clip has no sound.



Date: 2015
Duration: 2½ minutes

This supposedly took place in Milwaukee. A boy of 14 is caught stealing a man's wallet and other possessions. He opts for a whipping with the man's belt rather than being handed over to parents or police. The punishment is rather severe; arguably it goes on too long and causes the boy undue distress by the end, making the scene quite harrowing for sensitive viewers. This will be seen by some as abuse. But it certainly produces an abject degree of remorse which some observers may feel fits the crime.


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