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Video clips: Tanzania: real school canings, page 2

Mass caning of schoolboys

With comments by C. Farrell

Tanzania - Mass caning of schoolboys: one video clip.

Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Date: 2019

There is a strong tradition of corporal punishment in Tanzania (formerly known as Tanganyika under British rule). Caning is lawful in schools as well as in the judicial system.

  A peculiarity in Tanzania is that some canings are in a way a hybrid between school and quasi-judicial punishments, being ordered by an official of central government, who visits the school to oversee the ceremony and may even carry it out himself, even though the rules are clear that this is the head teacher's job. This has happened in a few very serious cases, notably when students have attempted to burn down their school.

  This video clip shows such a case in October 2019 when the Regional Commissioner for Mbeya, Albert Chalamila, personally caned 14 boys at Kiwanja Secondary School for alleged arson. This took place in the school grounds in front of a large number of students and others. He was criticised by some legal commentators, but congratulated by the country's President.

  For more details and background, see these contemporary press reports.

  The beneficiaries, who had been protesting against having their mobile phones confiscated, were made to line up in a push-up position to receive three brisk strokes each on the seat of their trousers. The implement used was an ad hoc switch rather than a proper rattan.

  The ceremony was filmed by at least four observers from different points of view; the most relevant parts have been combined into the clip below, not necessarily in chronological order. Note that the last sequence of the clip has no sound.

  Not included in this clip is an interminable angry speech in Swahili by Mr Chalamila, and scenes of the partly burnt-out dormitory buildings.


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