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School corporal punishment in Taiwan: Video clips page 4

Schoolboy caned at teacher's desk

With comments by C. Farrell

Two video clips of classroom punishment in Taiwan.

Clip 1 of 2: Mass caning of boys at teacher's desk

From 2009 comes this three-minute discontinuous "edited highlights" film of a mass caning of some 18 secondary boys aged perhaps 15 or 16. The teacher is working from a list, calling each recipient to the front of the class in turn. Each student puts his hands on the teacher's desk. The teacher lifts up the tail of the untucked white shirt with his left hand and, with his right hand, administers punishment to the seat of the trousers. Most receive three brisk strokes.

 This looks like a routine, matter-of-fact operation. The boys appear to be quite accustomed to it. The strokes are not especially powerful, though some students seem to get it a bit harder than others. There is much clutching of buttocks, possibly exaggerated for comic effect in some cases. The atmosphere in the classroom is noisy and at times jocular, though the elderly teacher stays deadpan. The picture quality is poor.


Clip 2 of 2: A paddling by the same teacher

This 2008 incident appears to involve the same unsmiling elderly teacher as in the clip above, but this time he has a small paddle instead of a cane. Before using it he is seen arguing at some length with the teenage recipient. Finally the boy gets only one brisk swat, but then puts on a prolonged display of vigorously rubbing his bottom, amid some jocularity. The picture quality is very poor.


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