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Caning of teenage novice monk

Thailand -- Caning of Buddhist novice

Night time in a Buddhist temple at Kamphaeng Phet in central Thailand. It is December 2014.

Novices (who may aged up to 20, but some of them are clearly much younger) are sitting around on the floor in their orange robes.

One of their number has been summoned to face the wall for punishment. Another person in orange robes appears with a long cane, adjusts the recipient's clothing and gives him three swift, vigorous strokes across the seat. The boy then runs back to his place, putting one hand to his buttocks while holding his robes with the other hand.

It may be that the person delivering the punishment is another novice rather than an adult monk, possibly acting on instructions from the man on the public address system.

The film got shown on local TV news and excited controversy, but some media comments suggested that corporal punishment for novices in a temple was nothing new or particularly unusual, even if not widely known about. According to one report, in some cases boys who have misbehaved can choose between a caning and manual labour such as sweeping the temple.


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