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Light-hearted caning

Thailand - Schoolboys made to cane each other

With comments by C. Farrell

Jocular high-school classroom punishment in Thailand

This video clip last 3 minutes 20 seconds. As a light-hearted punishment, senior boys are made to cane each other in front of the class, possibly at their own choice in lieu of some more standard kind of penalty.

 It is not known whether this dates from before or after corporal punishment was legally outlawed in Thailand in 2005. If after, it could be that getting the students to discipline each other was seen as a way of getting round the ban on teachers administering CP.

 The three boys seen are all in very smart uniform, suggestive of a military school of some sort.

 The operation is being directed by a lady teacher who is out of view to the left. She is dictating the number of strokes to be administered and ordering certain strokes to be repeated when they are not applied enthusiastically enough.

 The position adopted is a typical Thai one of standing up straight, with the arms folded out of the way in front, the caning being delivered across the seat of the boy's quite tight trousers.

 There is a very informal and jocular atmosphere in the room, and none of the individual cane strokes is applied very hard. Nevertheless, the cumulative total, for the student who ends up receiving by far the most whacks, stings enough to cause him repeatedly to jump around rubbing his backside, much to the hilarity of his colleagues. When the teacher orders him to receive yet more strokes he pretends to protest indignantly, but she insists, and he takes it all in good humour. At one point he is sufficiently in pain to ask for the rest of the punishment to be administered a little bit higher up, pointing to the top part of his buttocks.

 At the start, two boys are caning each other, changing places after each stroke, but it soon becomes apparent that this is too laborious, and they proceed to administer sequences of several strokes before switching round. A third boy is eventually summoned to continue the infliction on the main offender, who in total receives some 50 light strokes before the teacher calls a halt.


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