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Unidentified Middle Eastern country - Schoolboys strapped

Senior schoolboys being spanked with a strap

With comments by C. Farrell

This one-minute film from 2018 appears to be from a Middle Eastern country, as the lady teacher is wearing Arab garb. She is delivering posterial punishment with a strap to half a dozen or more youths lined up against the wall. The boys, who are in Western clothes, look to be probably in their late teens, though it is hard to be sure.

  Each miscreant is called forward in turn and bends over with his hands on a desk. This more or less English-style modus operandi is somewhat unusual in the Arab world, where CP is more typically applied to the hands or the feet.

  The teacher is taking her time. The first lad to be disciplined receives ten solid whacks. The second gets eight. Unfortunately the clip ends just as a third boy is bending over the desk.

  The atmosphere in the room seems quiet, respectful and completely serious.


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