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Video clip: "Fun" caning in South Korea

All in fun

With comments by C. Farrell

A Korean schoolboy gets whacked in fun with a stick (no sound)

This 2-minute silent film (c.2005) shows a South Korean youngster in his British-style school uniform getting gently whacked across the seat of his grey trousers by somebody who may or may not be a teacher, while surrounded by other students.

The implement being used is a rough stick, too thick and rigid to be described as a cane.

Clearly, this isn't a real punishment. The boy is laughing, the general atmosphere is jocular, and it seems to be something that is happening in fun, possibly a rehearsal for a dramatic presentation of some kind.

The clip shows the modus operandi for real whoppings at some Korean schools, with the recipient lying face down on the floor, as distinct from the seemingly more common "push-up" posture we have seen in other pictures and video clips from South Korea.


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