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Video clips: Russia

Army recruits - initiation spankings

Soldier gets pants-down belting

With comments by C. Farrell

Russia - Five clips of army recruits undergoing initiation spankings.

Clip 1 of 5

Duration: 3 mins 30 secs
Date: 2010

Here three recent recruits have to undergo initiation by their mates, using a doubled-up belt to the bare buttocks as they lie face down on a bench. They stuff a cloth into their mouths to stifle their cries.

The initiates are in pain at the end of their ordeal and look a lot less cocksure than at the beginning.


Clip 2 of 5

Duration: 1 min 30 secs
Date: 2005

Russian soldier whackedThis is an excerpt from a German TV "fly-on-the-wall" documentary about the Russian army.

There are two spankings shown here. The first, coming after six months in the service, consists of eight whacks on the bare bottom as the recipient leans over a stool.

The implement being used is a metal mug tied to the end of a leather belt. (Why not just use the belt?)

In the second event, which takes place after 12 months, the young soldier keeps his trousers on, but has to kneel on the legs of the upturned stool, and has a roll of fabric stuffed in his mouth to stifle his cries. In the event, this latter is to no avail: after the third stroke (which lands on the back of his thighs rather than on his posterior), he jumps up and squeals with pain.

These are light-hearted events, with everybody laughing. As we can see in the previous clip, the "punishments" are likely to be more painful than this when a TV camera crew is not present.


Clip 3 of 5

Duration: 40 secs
Date: 2007

This is a paddling, not a belting. It takes place in a dormitory and seems a bit less jocular; indeed, the scene is described as a "punishment", so perhaps it is not an initiation ceremony like the others. The boy being dealt with bends over a bed and receives one swat. The picture is of poor quality and very jerky.


Clip 4 of 5

Duration: 1 min 15 secs
Date: 2015

In a light-hearted atmosphere, an army lad gets a belting from two of his mates in the dormitory. The three whacks look fairly light, but the buckle end of the belt is being used.


Clip 5 of 5

Duration: 10 secs
Date: 2012

These two lads get one whack each with a belt on the backside from a civilian teacher. The clip was described as "Army punishment", but they look too young to be proper soldiers. Maybe this is actually a boys' military school, though the atmosphere seems not at all strict; if anything it is mildly jocular. If this is truly a punishment, it is clearly not a serious one.


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