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Video clips: Pakistan: Schoolboy canings 3

Senior schoolboy being caned while holding up the tail of his jacket
A senior boy has to hold up his blazer while being caned (see clip 2 on this page)

Commentary by C. Farrell

Two more real-life schoolboy caning sessions in Pakistan.

Clip 1 of 2: Mass handspanking -- no sound

Duration: 1½ minutes

Date found: September 2016

This silent film was taken at the oddly named Swedish College in Rawalpindi (it appears to have nothing to do with Sweden), which takes technical and engineering students at post-secondary level.

  The scene is unusual, especially for students of this age, in showing formal CP by handspanking rather than the use of an implement. We see a line of male students queueing up to leave the classroom. Each is disciplined with two smart smacks with the teacher's hand, one smack on each buttock, while standing with hands up on the back of the door. Each young man is then bundled out of the door.

  All told, we see seven students punished, but clearly one boy had already just been spanked before the clip starts, and more are waiting in line as it ends.

  As far as we can tell in the absence of a soundtrack, these spankings are taking place in a serious atmosphere, with no sign of jocularity or amusement whatsoever.


Clip 2 of 2: Four senior students lightly caned in class

Duration: 1 minute

Date found: February 2012

The picture quality of this next clip is so poor that I should not have troubled readers with it, were the modus operandi not so unusual. The camera waves about all over the place so we get only brief glimpses of any meaningful image. Furthermore, the soundtrack is faulty.

  The scene unfolds in an unidentified secondary school or post-secondary college, most likely in Pakistan.

  The students being punished sport a British-style uniform of grey trousers and a green blazer. They are waiting in a queue to receive two mild strokes of a fairly short cane for reasons unknown.

  What's interesting is that the master makes each youth lift up his own blazer to facilitate the cane's access to the seat of the trousers. This is made necessary because the beneficiaries are standing up straight. Had they been bending over to present the target area, it would have been possible to achieve the same aim by either folding back the tail of the jacket, as in this picture of an English school caning, or asking the student to take his blazer off altogether, as was the norm at my own English secondary school.

  In spite of the distorted audio track, one can hear the impact of cane on buttock, and also the teacher repeatedly saying "up" as he orders each boy to lift up the back of his blazer.


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