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Video clip: Malaysia

Soldier caning

With comments by C. Farrell

Malaysian soldiers get on-the-spot caning

This 1½-minute clip appears to be set at a commando training centre in Malaysia, with a paratroop training tower.

 We see three soldiers being called out as their comrades stand watching. Each receives a seemingly impromptu caning. There is no clue as to what offence they have committed.

 It all looks rather ad hoc, and there is no formality or ceremony about it; the offender just stands there to be disciplined, trying without great success to keep still. Though presumably unofficial, the punishment is evidently accepted by the men as normal. The fact that a thin whippy cane (which doesn't look likely to be there for any purpose other than punishment) happens to be readily to hand in the middle of what seems to be a routine training exercise is in itself quite interesting.

 The strokes seem to be landing primarily on the buttocks, but not very accurately so. Some of them look quite hard, but it could be that in the context of tough military training this is not thought a particularly serious punishment.

 Something is also going on at the top of the tower, but it is difficult to tell what.


This video clip is not currently available.

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