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Video clip: Serbia

Paddling at drug centre

Commentary by C. Farrell

Paddling in a Serbian drug rehabilitation centre

This 1-minute clip, of rather poor technical quality, comes from Mexican television (June 2009) but is actually about Serbia.

 The commentary says:

Well, in Serbia a high-ranking orthodox priest states that drugs problems are (unintelligible) here with an iron fist, or rather with a paddle, right? This is taken to extremes as the man of the cloth runs a drug rehabilitation centre.

There, his word is law and the proof is this video uploaded to the digital version of a magazine in which a carer is seen to flog a patient with a paddle meant for baking bread, while in a second, er, er, in a second one his hands are secured and then he is beaten in an imitation of martial arts. And although human rights activists in that country are opposed to it, in the drug rehabilitation centre they say that even the youths' parents approve of the procedure.

The orthodox minister says, just listen to what he says, "anyone who has rubbish in his home knows what is talked about here when they enter this rehabilitation centre". These pictures are now causing controversy all over the world.

 Many thanks to the reader who supplied the above translation from Spanish.


This video clip is not currently available.

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