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Corporal punishment in Indonesia

Video clips: Judicial CP (unofficial)

Public whipping

With notes by C. Farrell

Unofficial whippings in Indonesia -- two clips.


In this video clip found in 2012 (1 minute 30 seconds) from Indonesia, we see five shirtless youths being publicly whipped on the bare back and, to a much lesser extent, on the seat of their trousers, for drinking alcohol in this mainly Muslim-but-secular country. In front of a large, milling crowd, each receives six or seven strokes with what looks to be a very long, very thin rattan. The boys adopt a free-standing position, and submit to the punishment without struggle or protest and with no coercion or restraints.

 This is taking place in the east of the country, probably in Maluku province, according to informed sources, and is not to be confused with the mosque-based canings in far-distant Aceh, see these video clips, the only part of Indonesia with official JCP laid down by law. The punishment in this clip is evidently less formal, but presumably condoned by the local authorities, so maybe could be described as "semi-official".


This video clip is not currently available.


A one-minute clip found in 2014. Viewed from above, four vigilantes are holding a young thief face down by his arms and legs while two other men, operating alternately from opposite sides, cane him vigorously across the seat of his tight jeans and, to a lesser extent, the back of his legs. It is a severe punishment, and the offender is squirming and yelling. This appears to be taking place openly in a town square, with members of the public wandering past.


This video clip is not currently available.

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