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Video clip: Ghana: Unofficial judicial whipping

Unofficial whipping

With comments by C. Farrell

Ghana - Unofficial whipping

This four-minute clip from 2016 is described by Ghanaian TV as "Punishment for insulting a 70-year-old", although other versions say it was for having sex with some other man's wife. Either way, it appears to be a vigilante effort in the open air, with a sprinkling of onlookers.

    The culprit is being held face down on a low bench. At first he appears to submit willingly but then he keeps escaping and jumping up. He is caned first on the upper back and then on the seat of his jeans (although slightly too high up). The instrument used is a rough stick with however some flexibility. There is a lot of argument between the men involved, and the punishment session breaks up in some disorder.


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