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Video clip: Caning of aviation trainees in China

Air trainees being caned

With comments by C. Farrell

China - Caning of air trainees

Here is a one-minute clip from about 2011. It was taken in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, supposedly at the Vocational College of Aviation.

 The trainees, who all appear to be grown men, are seen standing on a parade ground in their camouflage fatigues. They are reportedly being punished for arriving late.

 As the clip opens, we see a student walking away from the member of staff in charge, evidently having just been caned. After a couple of seconds, when he has resumed his place, he is seen to be rubbing his buttocks.

 A second student is then punished with two cane strokes on his hands.

 The third and final recipient is made to bend over slightly for one hard whack on the seat. He then stands up and rubs his buttocks.

 The other trainees present and watching may have been dealt with before the clip starts.

 The scene has been filmed from some distance away and zoomed in, so the picture clarity is not terribly good. Despite a conversation going on near the camera, the impact of the strokes can be heard on the soundtrack.

 The atmosphere, as far as one can tell, is neutral or perhaps slightly light-hearted. It does not seem like a very serious affair and was presumably unofficial.


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