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Video clip: School CP

Senior boys caned

With notes by C. Farrell

This two-minute clip consists of discontinuous scenes extracted from a longer film made at a private school in Maun, Botswana, in 2015. School CP by cane or strap is fully lawful in Botswana.

 Five senior boys come in turn to the front of the class for discipline. Each receives two strokes of the cane across the seat of their blue uniform trousers. The punishment is administered by a lady teacher. The students are much bigger than she is, but they readily submit to her authority, adopting a suitable posture without being told. In a couple of cases the beneficiary is kept waiting in position for a while.

 The atmosphere is matter-of-fact and at times light-hearted. Class caning is clearly part of the normal routine here. We do not know what the students are being punished for, but it is apparently nothing serious.

 There are also girls in the class, but we do not see them being punished on this occasion.


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