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Video clip: Chile: Unofficial judicial whipping

Thieves punished

With comments by C. Farrell

Chile - Unofficial whipping of thieves

Date: October 2014

Duration: 1½ minutes

This video clip, "Los pillan roban y son castigados a poto pelado" ["Caught stealing, stripped and punished"], was at first thought to be from Argentina. It now turns out to be from Chile (based on the version of Spanish being spoken), so please ignore the erroneous opening caption. Four teenage youths are made to lower their trousers and bend over to be disciplined across the buttocks by a group of men. The heavy stick used is rather unsuitable, but only two or three strokes are meted out in each case.

 It is assumed that this is illicit unofficial retribution by the aggrieved parties, perhaps (one might surmise) on the basis of "take our consequences or we will hand you over to the authorities". Nevertheless, the modus operandi is surprisingly formal, given the circumstances. The lads reluctantly submit to the punishment but do not take it at all well.


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