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Early treatment of child offenders in the United States

An act respecting crimes and punishments, approved March 23, 1819, Laws of Illinois, 1819

Section 10. Disobedience of children and servants.

Be it further enacted, that if any children or servants shall, contrary to the obedience due to their parents or masters, resist or refuse to obey their lawful commands, upon complaint thereof to any justice of the peace, it shall be lawful for such justice of the peace and to send him or them so offending to the jail or house of correction, there to remain until they shall humble themselves to the said parents or masters' satisfaction: and if any child or servant shall, contrary to his bounden duty, presume to assault or strike his parent or master, upon complaint or conviction thereof before two of more justices of the peace, the offender shall be whipped not exceeding ten stripes.

Source: Grace Abbott, The Child and the State, Chicago, 1938

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