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The Bahamas

Bahamas Penal Code, Chapter 48

These provisions were abolished in 1984 but reintroduced in 1991.

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118.- (1) Whenever an offender is sentenced to undergo corporal punishment, such punishment shall be inflicted privately either by flogging or whipping in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(2) Flogging shall be administered with a cat or rod of a pattern approved by the Governor and, when with a cat, on the back of the offender and when with a rod on his buttocks, and in either case only after an examination by and in the presence of a medical officer.

(3) A sentence of flogging shall be inflicted only on a male adult, who shall be sent to the prison in New Providence to undergo the same.

(4) [.....]

(5) A sentence of corporal punishment shall specify the number of strokes which shall be administered, which in the case of flogging shall not exceed twenty-four and in the case of whipping twelve, and shall specify whether the prisoner shall receive the whole sentence at one time or by instalments, and in the case of instalments, the number of strokes at each instalment.

(6) The maximum number of strokes which may be administered at any one time shall be twelve in the case of a flogging and six in the case of a whipping and no person who has been flogged or whipped shall be again flogged or whipped within fourteen days.

(7) Every court other than the Supreme Court which awarded any sentence of corporal punishment shall as soon as possible after the imposition of such sentence report the fact to the Supreme Court.

(8) No sentence of flogging or whipping shall be passed on a female of any age; but in lieu of such sentence, where a female is convicted of an offence for which corporal punishment may be inflicted on a male, the court may sentence her to solitary confinement or to any such additional punishment as the law for the time being permits to be inflicted on a female for an offence against the rules of the prison.


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