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New Straits Times, Kuala Lumpur, 10 July 2019

E-hailing driver gets 292 months jail, whipping for armed robberies

Mohd Rozaini Roslan
Mohd Rozaini Roslan. (NSTP/MUHDASYRAF SAWAL)

KUANTAN: A 30-year-old e-hailing driver was sentenced to 292 months and nine strokes of the rotan by the Sessions Court here for robbing nine business premises in the district.

Sessions Court judge Dazuki Ali passed the sentence on Mohd Rozaini Roslan after he pleaded guilty and ordered the man to serve the jail sentence from the date of arrest on June 24.

According to the charge sheet, the accused was charged with committing nine robberies at the business premises around Kuantan, involving losses of RM10,464 and a gold chain between May 21 and June 18, armed with knives, machetes, iron rods, and chains.

The crime was committed at clinics, pet shops, pharmacies, footwear shops, grocery stores, and clothing stores, which were operated by women.

He was charged under sections 392/397 of the Penal Code which provide for a jail term of up to 14 years and a fine and whipping, upon conviction.

In mitigation, the small-sized accused claimed he committed the offences because he was under pressure to settle his debt from a loan shark, who was allegedly threatened to come his home.

"I was worried about my family's safety because I have an eight-year-old child and my wife is seven months pregnant. I was disturbed that the loan shark would create a mess by splashing paint (on my house) if I fail to pay.

"All the robbery loots were given to the shark loan operator. I did not use any of them for my family's expenses. I realise that I will not get to see my second child born but I plead for a light sentence so I can take care of my baby," he said.

Mohd Rozaini also claimed that he only earned RM1,200 a month while his wife is not working, and they have been staying with his mother-in-law in Felda Neram 1 at Kemamam, Terengganu.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wahidah Zainal Abidin, however, urged the court to mete out a deterrent sentence as the accused was armed and it would serve as a lesson.

In his judgment, Dazuki said he took into account that the accused was armed and that could have caused injuries to the victims, besides the robberies were planned ahead based on the waiting time to enter the premises.

"Although you said you were desperate to settle with the loan shark, this is not the way to solve it. Instead, it created a bigger problem. There are legitimate ways to solve (the problem)," he added. -- Bernama

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