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Judicial CP - February 2019

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The Voice, Gaborone, 12 February 2019

Court Stories

Lashed for insulting Voice reporter

Suspected serial rapist whipped for contempt of court

By Gofaone Koogotsitse

Ogolotswe Tolwe

After lashing out at a Voice reporter during a court session, a suspected serial rapist received a few lashes of his own -- five strokes to the bare buttocks for contempt of court.

Appearing before Molepolole Magistrate Court accused of raping a nearby neighbor, 33-year-old Ogolotswe Tolwe spotted The Voice journalist Gofaone Koogotsitse seated in the room.

Angry at the reporter's previous coverage of his court case, Tolwe, speaking loud enough for all in court to hear, told her he would 'grab her phone and smash it'.

Unsurprisingly, the outburst caused a stir in court, disrupting proceedings, much to Senior Magistrate, Lindiwe Makgoro's annoyance.

The unimpressed Magistrate later called Tolwe back to the dock to explain his unruly behaviour.

"I once reported the issue to the Chief Magistrate that I do not want to be published on newspapers, that thing does not take me well!" exclaimed the suspected rapist defiantly.

The argument was not enough to save Tolwe's bottom from a hot date with the cane as Magistrate Makgoro ruled he had enough experience of court proceedings to know better.

Tolwe is suspected to have raped his neighbour throughout the night after drinking local brew, chibuku beer from a nearby depot in Sojwe.

He also has two other ongoing cases of rape and was remanded in custody.

It remains to be seen how he will react to his latest appearance in The Voice!

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