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School CP - April 2013

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Daily News, Dar es Salaam, 9 April 2013

Public schools to continue using corporal punishment

Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo

By Daily News Reporter


CORPORAL punishment will continue to be instituted in public schools to ensure discipline among pupils and students, the government has said. Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mr Philipo Mulugo, said in Dar es Salaam during the launch of an education website,, meant to be a platform for interaction among secondary school students.

Mr Mulugo stressed on [sic] the importance of corporal punishment in schools as a means of enhancing performance as the move would keep discipline among the students. "We know the move to re-introduce caning in schools would attract a lot of criticism, especially from those who call themselves as [sic] human rights activists," he said.

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The punishment was previously banned on grounds that it violated human rights. But, Mr Mulugo said absence of corporal punishment contributed to the decline of discipline in schools, and consequently may have contributed to the ongoing fall in the performance in exams. "When I was a teacher in Mbeya one of the schools I taught was highly discipline [sic] compared to others because of the use of canes," he said.

He also came to the defence of the Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa over mass failure of students in last year's national exams, arguing that the issue of education was 'crosscutting' that needed involvement of every stakeholder. He said people should also think on how they could help in improving the country's education, instead of only complaining.


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