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Arab News, Jeddah, 16 July 2013

Two jailed for robbery

RIYADH: Md Rasooldeen
Arab News Staff

Press cutting

A Riyadh Court sentenced two Pakistani expatriates to five years imprisonment and 300 lashes each for stealing money from a sales representative in the capital.

According to the Riyadh police, the arrest was made following a complaint filed by the victim's company.

The incident had taken place when the sales representative was carrying a bag full of money to the bank from his office. The two culprits had followed the victim from his office and waylaid him in a lonely stretch of the road.

Based on the information given by the plaintiff, the police wasted no time arresting the culprits with their loot.

The police warned people to take care of their belongings when they walk on the streets and requested the general public to take adequate precautions to prevent such incidences.

They also said that such offenses cannot escape their eyes and suitable punishment will be given according to the degree of the offenses.

In a separate case, three Yemenis in their early thirties were also sentenced to four years jail and 300 lashes for selling stolen cars to unaware buyers.

A police official said that the convicts used to rent brand new cars from the rent-a-car offices and sell them after some modifications with forged documents to customers.

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