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United States - Past Regulations of School Districts - 1981

Source: Los Angeles Unified School District, Bulletin No. 28, 1 September 1981




Guidelines for the implementation of corporal punishment


Corporal punishment should be considered only after other milder remedial measures have proved unsuccessful.

The following procedures must be followed after a decision is made by the appropriate administrator to consider the use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary option:

A. Before corporal punishment may be administered, the following steps must be followed:

  • A review of the school records must be made to determine if the written parental approval is on file. This approval must have been obtained in conference with the parent or guardian regarding the pupil's behavior.
  • The pupil's Health Card must be reviewed and in the absence of the Health Card, other appropriate steps taken to ensure that no medical condition exists which might be aggravated by corporal punishment.
  • Review other remedial measures previously taken.
  • The pupil must be given a reasonable explanation of the nature of the offense and the reason(s) why corporal punishment may be used as one alternative.
  • A reasonable disciplinary alternative must be applied if a pupil absolutely refuses to receive corporal punishment.
  • Even though the required written parental approval must be received for the current school year, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent by telephone prior to the administration of corporal punishment.

B. When corporal punishment is administered, the following procedures must be observed:

  • Corporal punishment must only be administered by the principal, assistant principal, or administrative dean and always in the presence of another member of the school staff.
  • Corporal punishment must be administered by the use of a paddle to the buttocks through normal clothing. Any items in the back pockets of a pupil's clothing must be removed beforehand by the pupil. One to three swats is an appropriate number for any one incident.
  • Corporal punishment must not be administered in the presence of other students.
  • Whenever corporal punishment is administered, it should be administered, if possible, in an administrative or school office.

Corporal punishment must not be used routinely for specific offenses or as a mass punishment.

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