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United States - Past Regulations of School Districts - 1963

Source: National Educational Association, Research Division, Local Rules and Regulations with respect to Corporal Punishment, November 1963


A principal of an elementary or junior high school may resort to corporal punishment only when he is convinced that such punishment is appropriate to the individual pupil involved and is more likely to bring about reasonable improvement in behavior than any other method of treatment at his command. The principal may delegate the responsibility for corporal punishment to the vice principal or the head teacher. Except in an emergency, the consent of the parents or guardian to the use of corporal punishment as a method of treatment for the pupil should have been obtained before such form of punishment is used.

There shall be no cruel or unusual punishment, and there shall be no corporal punishment in the high or evening schools or upon girls. Corporal punishment shall be administered in the presence of a teacher or other competent witness, and only upon the posterior. A report of all cases of corporal punishment shall be filed at the end of each statistical month.

FLORIDA: Broward County

1. Corporal punishment may be administered as a last resort after other corrective measures have been tried without success.

2. A teacher shall not inflict corporal punishment except upon prior approval of and in the presence of the principal, and in no case shall such punishment be degrading or unduly severe in its nature. Under no circumstances may a teacher suspend a student from school or class (Florida Statutes 232.27).

When corporal punishment is administered the following rules shall be observed:

1. The punishment shall be administered by the principal or by some other member of the professional staff designated by him.

2. Under no circumstances shall a teacher strike a child about the head or shoulders. The punishment shall be administered posteriorly by striking the pupil below the waist and above the knees.

3. The administration of corporal punishment shall be witnessed by at least one other member of the staff. Corporal punishment should not be administered in the presence of other pupils.

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