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Jamaica: Prison (Amendment) Rules, 1965

The Prisons Law, CAP 307

The Prison (Amendment) Rules, 1965, No 115


244A. (1) The Director shall, at the time of imposing corporal punishment under section 43 of the Law, indicate whether such punishment shall consist of flogging or whipping.

(2) Flogging shall be inflicted --

(a) with the cat-o-nine tails, that is to say, a rope whip consisting of a round wooden handle twenty inches long, and one to one and on-half inches in diameter with nine thongs of cotton cord and not more than three sixteenths of an inch in diameter and knotted at the end or whipped at the end with cotton twine;

(b) on the back of the prisoner between the shoulders and the waist.

(3)Whipping shall be inflicted --

(a) with the tamarind switch, that is to say, three lengths of twigs of the tamarind tree, each forty-four to forty-eight inches long and not more than one-quarter of one inch in diameter, trimmed smoothly so that there shall be no protrusion of knots or joints and bound together with cotton twine;

(b) on the prisoner's buttocks.

Dated at Kingston this 7th day of April, 1965

Edward Seaga, Minister of Development and Welfare. No C 26/S8

(Thursday, April 15, 1965, vide the Jamaica Gazette Supplement, Rules and Regulations Vol LXXXVIII No 53) /

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