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Bermuda: The Prison Rules, 1951

Title 10, Item 32(a), Part VI


Execution of Sentences of Corporal Punishment

156. All sentences of corporal punishment carried into execution in a prison shall be attended by the Warden and by the Medical Officer.

157. (1) Corporal punishment shall be inflicted on a prisoner only by a prison officer.

(2) A prisoner may, while undergoing corporal punishment, be secured in such form of apparatus, and in such manner, as the Member may from time to time approve: and the prisoner shall wear such protective clothing or appliances for preventing injury to his health as the Medical Officer may direct.

(3) Where corporal punishment is ordered to be inflicted with the cat-o'nine-tails, the lashes shall be applied on the bare back of the prisoner undergoing the punishment.

(4) Where corporal punishment is ordered to be inflicted with the cane or birch rod, the strokes shall be applied on the bare buttocks of the prisoner undergoing punishment.

158. (1) The Medical Officer shall, immediately before corporal punishment is inflicted, examine the prisoner and shall satisfy himself that the prisoner is both mentally and physically fit to undergo the punishment, and shall make such recommendations for preventing injury to the prisoner's health as he thinks necessary; and the Warden shall carry such recommendations into effect.

(2) The Medical Officer may, if he thinks necessary in order to prevent injury to the prisoner's health, at any time after the infliction of the punishment has begun recommend that no further corporal punishment be inflicted; and in any such case the Warden shall thereupon remit the remainder of the corporal punishment.

159. The Warden shall cause to be kept a book to be called "the corporal punishment book" and shall cause to be entered therein the number of strokes inflicted, the instrument used, and any remission which he may have ordered, in respect of each prisoner upon whom corporal punishment was inflicted.


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