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    NEW MEXICO: private schools

  • Christian Heritage Academy, Albuquerque
    Disobedience, disrespect, fighting and lying are among the offenses for which swats are automatic at this fundamentalist Baptist K-12 school. CP is to be carried out by the parents, at the school, under the supervision of an authorized staff member.

  • Good News Christian Academy, Dulce
    "Corporal punishment will be used only when other avenues have failed to correct the problem. Parents will be called in to administrate [sic] the spanking."

  • Junction Christian Academy, Hobbs New!
    CP is given only after consulting the parents at this K-5 school.

  • New Life Baptist Academy, Albuquerque (New URL)
    "Spanking a student may become necessary." "The female Principal/Superintendent will spank the female students. The Senior Pastor will spank the male students." Parents may opt to witness it. There is a maximum of two licks, applied to "fleshy, meaty areas (i.e. rear ends)".

    NORTH CAROLINA: private schools

  • Bible Baptist Christian School, Matthews
    At the elementary level, "corporal discipline is normally the final step" but certain behaviors "may warrant a spanking on the first occurrence", such as fighting or blatant disrespect. "Parents may come to school to spank their child themselves, witness the spanking, or give our School Office permission to spank their child." Also, "Prayer always precedes and follows a spanking. A child is not sent back to class until they [sic] are ready."
        In grades 7 through 12, "Corporal discipline is used throughout the school years". Again, parents may choose come to the school to carry out the punishment themselves, "or authorize school personnel to do so". "A parent's refusal to partner with the school on this matter will necessitate a student's immediate withdrawal from school."

  • Cary Christian School, Cary (New URL)
    This school believes in the "biblical principle" of "swift and painful punishment". An office visit is automatic for certain offenses such as dishonesty and fighting, and may bring "a spanking". At the secondary level (grades 6 through 12), spanking is for boys only. And see the application form (New URL), which asks the parents to consent to corporal punishment if the student is male.

  • Jacksonville Christian Academy [DOC] New!
    "First time paddling offenses" include cursing, fighting, disrespect, and tantrums. Also, for a third cheating offense, "the penalty will be an automatic 'F'; a parent/teacher meeting with the principal; and a paddling".

  • Trimont Christian Academy, Franklin New!
    "Spanking is reserved for willful defiance". It is to be administered by the parent, with a maximum of three swats.

  • These North Carolina private schools also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Fellowship Christian Academy, Jacksonville
    New Bern Christian Academy
    Wake Christian Academy, Raleigh New!
    Wilson Christian Academy, Wilson (elementary only - to be administered by parents)

    NORTH CAROLINA: public schools

  • Graham County Schools, Robbinsville     At the high school (grades 9 through 12), students may opt for a spanking in lieu of ISS, but only once a year.
        Handbooks for the elementary and middle schools do not seem currently to be on line. Earlier versions said that CP was available, but gave no details.
        Stats: See this Feb 2013 news item (with video clip), which reports 43 instances of CP in Graham County Schools in 2010/11, and this March 2016 report, noting that the figure was still about the same (47) in 2014/15 and that Graham County accounted for 32% of all paddlings in North Carolina.
        The same (March 2016) report confirms that it is only at the High School that CP is still used, and that it is always at the student's request "because they don't want to miss class time due to a suspension".

  • Randolph County Schools
    Parents must be notified in advance. "As a general rule, the pupil should be given the option of some alternative punishment." Spanking "must be administered on the buttocks by hand or paddle".
        See also this June 2011 news item.

  • Robeson County Public Schools, Lumberton updated
    Corporal punishment here is "a last resort", applied to the buttocks. Students must have been warned that they might be paddled in the event of further misbehavior.
        See this Oct 2005 news item and follows-up later that same month, and this Feb 2006 follow-up, arising from a paddling at Rowland Middle School to which a parent took objection.
        Stats: This April 2007 news item reported 297 spankings in the district in year 2005/06; this May 2011 news item said the numbers had fallen to 166 in 2008/09 but rose again to 296 in 2009/10.
        The figure went up again in 2010/2011 school year, to 359, according to this March 2012 news report, but then fell to 267 the following year, according to this Jan 2013 item, and then to only 67 in 2013/14, according to this Jan 2015 report, rising back to 88 in 2014/15, or 60% of all CP in North Carolina, according to this March 2016 update.

    OHIO: private schools

  • Delaware Christian School, Delaware, Ohio
    Go to "Discipline Policies" starting on page 10. Students will be paddled, with parental consent, for persistent offenses.

  • Heartland Christian School, Columbiana
    This school reserves the right to use CP if deemed necessary; parents are informed.

  • Summit Christian School, Cuyahoga Falls (New URL)
    CP is administered by a principal or administrator, with another staff member as witness. Parents are notified after the event.

    OKLAHOMA: private and charter schools

  • Christian Heritage Academy, Del City
    Students in grades 6 through 12 must sign a code of conduct every year, including "I will submit myself to those in authority at CHA and/or any rule or regulations that may be adopted or changed from time to time". Parents must sign a form agreeing that the school "shall have sole discretion in the administration of appropriate discipline, including corporal ... We herewith agree to authorize this school to employ such discipline, including spanking as seems wise and expedient".

  • Community Christian School, Norman
    Various behavior "will not be tolerated" and one of the consequences is "swats administered to the child's bottom", maximum 3 per day. The principal will administer all spankings, unless parents wish to do it themselves, in which case they must come to the school and apply the swats in the principal's presence.
        This handbook is for the secondary school; the elementary one has identical wording.

  • Cornerstone Baptist Academy, McAlester New!
    "The administration may deem it necessary for the parent to come to the school and administer corporal punishment."

  • Deborah Brown Community School, Tulsa
    CP shall be administered by the Administration only. It shall consist of not more than two swats. "Students will not receive two (2) spankings in the same day."

  • Lakeland Christian School, McAlester
    "Corporal punishment by the principal or superintendent", with parental consent, is one of the disciplinary measures here.

  • Summit Christian Academy, Broken Arrow (New URL)
    In grades 7 through 12, there are three levels of behavioral infractions, all of which may result in corporal punishment. At levels two and three, CP is the first response listed. "Swats" are also available in the elementary grades.

    OKLAHOMA: public schools

  • Altus Public Schools
    Corporal punishment is a last resort, unless requested by the parent at an earlier stage. It must be administered by the principal or assistant principal. Parents should if possible be "notified that corporal punishment is being planned".

  • Alva Independent Schools
    Corporal punishment is given to students whose parents have signed a consent form, and consists of swats with "a wooden paddle to administer with reasonable force to the buttocks of students". Swats are specifically mentioned as a likely penalty for obscenity and profanity. This is the High School handbook; the elementary and middle schools have identical wording.

  • Amber-Pocasset Schools Here, "Corporal punishment (spanking)" has been "reinstated" -- it is not clear when this happened -- because "Students who continually disregard school rules ... often require such a drastic means of punishment to correct their behavior". Only the principal may administer it.
        The enrollment form provides for parents to give permission for the use of CP, or to withhold permission, in which case the student is automatically suspended for 3 days.
        The penalty for a third or fourth tardy is detention or swats.

  • Antlers Public Schools, Antlers At the Middle School, corporal punishment is particularly mentioned as a penalty for tardiness and fighting. It is to be administered in the principal's office.
        The Elementary School handbook goes into less detail, and merely states that CP may be used.
        The High School handbook seems not to be available for now.

  • Balko Public School
    This K-12 school provides parents with a form on which they must state whether or not they authorize paddling. There is a maximum of 3 swats per infraction, to be carried out in the office and not in the hallways or classrooms.

  • Binger-Oney Public School, Binger New!
    This school says that CP "is an important disciplinarian step". In particular, "Students who use tobacco receive two swats or a two-day suspension for a first offense and three swats or a three-day suspension for a second offense". Female students are to be paddled in front of a female witness.

  • Bokoshe Public Independent School District
    Teachers may administer up to five paddle swats per occasion on "the seat of the pants". It is no longer specified that the implement must be a "finished wooden board not exceeding 26 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 3/8 of inch in thickness". Five swats is also the maximum per student per day. Parents wishing exemption must file a written request each year.

  • Caney Valley Public Schools (covers Ochelata, Oglesby, Ramona, Vera) [DOC] (New URL)
    Paddling is to be applied in the principal's office "on the buttocks region" using a standard paddle. Parental permission is not required, but prior written parental objections are honored.

  • Chickasha Public Schools New!
    Minutes of the Board meeting of 16 July 2016 at which it was decided unanimously to introduce corporal punishment in this school system. Parents are to be contacted beforehand.

  • Colcord Public Schools
    CP must be administered by a school administrator in a private office area with a witness who "if possible" shall be the same gender as the student. It is to be "administered to a student’s buttocks with a finished wooden paddle after the student has emptied his/her pockets". There is a maximum of three swats per incident, and three swats per student per day. CP is not to be given on buses or in classrooms. Swats are particularly indicated for a first offense of fighting.

  • Commerce Public Schools In the case of minor infractions, one warning will be given, and if the misbehaviour continues, "corporal punishment will be used". CP or suspension, without a warning, is the penalty for major infractions, and is specifically mentioned as a consequence for tobacco use. In a change to the rules, no maximum number of swats is now stipulated (previously 3). "Corporal punishment is limited to spanking on the buttocks."
        Parents wanting their students exempted from CP must have a written note on file. "Often there are medical or other reasons why a student cannot be paddled. The parent's wishes will be respected." In that event, the offending student must attend alternative education for five days instead. This is set out in both the current school handbooks.

  • Cordell Public Schools The secondary handbook, in addition to stating that CP may be used only with parental consent, explicitly notes that this requirement does not apply to students aged 18 or over, who can consent to be spanked of their own volition. Legally this is what one would expect where the age of majority is 18, but it is rare to see it spelled out. The punishment consists of "swats given with reasonable force by a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student", and there is a rather low maximum of two swats per day per student. CP is mentioned in particular as a penalty for unexcused absences.
        There is an Elementary School but no handbook for it is on line.
        See also this Sep 2012 news item about a mother filing a police report when her son's bottom was bruised at Cordell Junior High School, even though her husband had given permission for two swats. The police found there was no sign of excessive force, and the District Attorney decided the paddling was entirely within the law.

  • Crescent Public Schools CP may be administered only after consultation with the administrator and after the parent signs a document allowing it.
        An athlete who is suspended or in detention cannot play in contests, but "Corporal Punishment may be administered in lieu if both parties are in agreement".

  • Duke Public Schools
    No more than three swats will be given in a school day. "The swats will be given with reasonable force by a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student." Failure to accept the punishment will result in ISS or OSS. CP is particularly mentioned for a first or second offense of cheating/plagiarism, disruptive behavior, obscenity/profanity, public display of affection, and tobacco use.

  • Empire Public Schools, Empire City [DOC]
    This district had let corporal punishment fall into disuse for many years, but in 2012 it was decided to reinstate it in response to parental demand -- see this newsletter [DOC].
        Only administrators may paddle. Parents may veto CP using a permission form supplied, in which case the student is suspended. "The principal or assistant principal will only use corporal punishment if written permission is on file and verbal agreement has been given by the parent/guardian over the phone or in person prior to the administration of the punishment."
        There is a maximum of "3 swats on the buttocks with a paddle", to be delivered in the principal's office, and "the student must be appropriately clothed to receive a paddling". Students who struggle or refuse will not be held down, but are suspended instead. "If a principal/assistant principal is paddling a student of the opposite sex then the witness must be of the same sex as the student."

  • Gage Public Schools
    There is a maximum of three swats on the buttocks with a paddle; parental permission must be on file in the office.

  • Grand View Public School, Tahlequah New!
    "An attempt to reach the parent will be made prior to administering a spanking if parents so request." There is a maximum of two swats.

  • Hardesty Public School
    "Hardesty School does have the right to use corporal punishment and will do so as long as the law is in effect". There is a table setting out which penalties may be used for which offenses: paddling may be applied for a third violation at level I (e.g. tardies), a second or third violation at level II (tobacco, profanity), and a first or subsequent violation at level III (theft, fighting).
        See also the "Corporal Punishment (Swats) Permission Form" for parents to sign, which has a "call me before swats are given" option.

  • Jennings Public Schools
    A signed parental consent form must be on file in the office. There is a maximum of three swats per student per day. "The swats will be given with reasonable force by a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student." CP may be given for tardies or missed detention. "Near the end of the year, if there are not enough days left for a student to complete his/her [detention] obligation, then suspension or swats will replace the detention."

  • Kingfisher School District Here, corporal punishment is one of the "alternatives" that "are available for those students who find it difficult to conform to school policies". CP is a level 2 and level 3 discipline step. "Parents will be contacted by phone prior to this and/or a signed permission may also be required." Students who choose not to accept a paddling will be suspended for a minimum of two days. "This suspension can be lifted if the student will receive the corporal punishment." The punishment is to be witnessed by the teacher who sent the student to the principal.

  • Laverne Schools New!
    Corporal punishment is used for Level 2 offenses. There is a maximum of three licks per day. "If the student refuses to take the corporal punishment, he/she will be offered an equivalent punishment and reminded that he/she may call home if he/she so desires."

  • Lomega Public Schools
    Here the rules lay down a maximum of three swats on any school day; in a previous version, it was "for any one offense". Parental consent must be on file. "The swats will be given with reasonable force with a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student".

  • Madill Public Schools New!
    Here there is an unusually low maximum of two swats per day, to be given by an administrator in the office. Parents may request exemption in writing.
        CP for tardies is not mentioned in this 2013 document, but local sources indicate that for 2016/17 paddling has replaced ISS as the standard penalty for tardies at the High School.

  • Mangum Public Schools CP may be given to students who have a signed parental consent form on file in the principal's office. It is delivered "with reasonable force using a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student", for a maximum of 3 swats per day. Swats may be administered for a first offense of assault, cell phone use, cheating, disruption, gambling, excessive detentions, extortion, insubordination, obscenity/profanity, skipping class or school, and vandalism; and for a second or subsequent offense of cell phone use, disruption, gambling, electronic devices, bullying, insubordination, and obscenity.

  • Medford Public Schools New!
    CP is particularly mentioned as a consequence for a seventh or subsequent tardy in a semester at the High School.

  • Minco Public Schools
    Here there is a maximum of 3 swats at any one time, to be administered by the building principal only. There should be parental permission either in writing or by telephone beforehand. "The student and/or parent will have the option to choose another form of punishment if desired."

  • Mountain View-Gotebo Schools, Mountain View New!
    CP is a level 2 and 3 discipline step. It is described as "a last means of discipline prior to suspension". Signed parental permission is required. This is the Jr/Sr High School handbook; the document for the elementary school makes no mention of CP.

  • Ninnekah Public Schools
    In this school district, there is a maximum of 3 swats per student per day; they must be given with a wooden paddle on the buttocks. Written parental consent must be on file.
        See also this April 2004 news item stating that, at the High School, corporal punishment may be used when a student accumulates seven tardies (presumably per semester).

  • Perry Public Schools New!
    Here there is a maximum of three strokes with a paddle on the buttocks for any one offense.

  • Pond Creek-Hunter Public Schools
    "No student is required to take corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure. The alternative to corporal punishment is three (3) days of unexcused absences which will also entail the taking of all semester tests." There is a maximum of three swats, to be delivered on the buttocks with a paddle by an administrator in the office. CP is particularly mentioned as a penalty for drugs/tobacco/alcohol.

  • Ringling Public Schools
    Parental consent for CP must be on file in the office. There is a maximum of three swats per student per day. "The swats will be given with reasonable force with a wooden paddle on the buttocks of the student." This is to be performed by an administrator in the office. CP is particularly mentioned as a penalty for a second offense of disruptive behavior.

  • Sasakwa Public Schools
    Corporal punishment may be used when a student accumulates seven tardies (presumably per semester). It is also applicable on a second offense against bus discipline, and for violations of the internet policy. There is a maximum of three swats per offense, and five swats per day and per paddling. Parents who do not wish CP to be used must have a written notice to that effect placed on file each year.

  • Soper Public Schools New!
    CP appears 22 times in the "discipline matrix" including for such violations as disruption, lying, cheating, failing to attend detention, and inappropriate display of affection. Swats are also mentioned for a second school bus offense.
        Stats: In 2011/12 at Soper High School (grades 9-12), 12 of the 51 boys, and 6 of the 65 girls, received swats on one or more occasions.

  • South Coffeyville Public Schools [DOC]
    "Physical discipline is defined as spanking and shall be confined to the use of a paddle applied to the buttocks through a student's regular mode of dress." This unusual wording applies at all three schools.
        The elementary school provides for "3 swats or 3 days' suspension" for fighting and for leaving the campus without permission.
        At the middle and high schools, for a Level 2 or Level 3 infraction, a student may receive one to three swats, with written permission from a parent.

  • Sterling Public Schools
    At the Junior High and High schools here, two swats or 1 day of ISS is the penalty for a first offense of profanity, and of leaving campus without permission; a second such offense brings three swats or two days' ISS. Fighting, disrespect and tobacco use all attract a 3-swat paddling on the first occasion.

  • Stilwell Public Schools
    CP "is viewed as a severe in-school disciplinary procedure". Parents are notified beforehand. It must be administered by the principal or assistant principal in their office. Parents wishing to opt out must supply a notarized written statement to that effect. This is the High School handbook; the Middle School has identical language.

  • Stratford Public Schools This is a form on which parents either agree or do not agree to the use of corporal punishment. "While it is not required of school districts to seek permission from parents prior to the administration of corporal punishment, Stratford Schools have chosen to give parents/guardians the opportunity to choose and record their option." Parents are warned that if they disagree with CP, the student "may be sent home on short-term suspension as the only equitable alternative".
        At the Middle and High Schools, paddling may be meted out to students who skip detention.

  • Tecumseh Public Schools "Corporal punishment is a policy of Tecumseh Public Schools", but parents may request that it not be administered to their student. Parents are not allowed to administer swats on school premises; only the principal or assistant principal can do it. CP "may be one of the alternative choices given to students". In particular, it may be considered in connection with a second or third offense.
        History: See this Aug 2003 news report on the reintroduction of CP by this school district about ten years after it had been abolished.

  • Tushka Public School
    At this K-12 school, CP is to be delivered in the principal's office. The paddling of female students must be witnessed by a female staff member. There is no mention of parental contact.

  • Vian Public Schools Students at Vian High School "may receive corporal punishment as a disciplinary alternative". Does this mean at the choice of the student? It is not clear. "A signed consent form must be filled out by a parent/guardian for this action to occur." See also this Sep 2007 news item.

  • Watonga Public Schools The Elementary School handbook requires CP to take place in the principal's office. Parents must have given written approval, and are notified before each paddling. CP is mentioned in particular as a response to bullying or harassment.
        At the High School, CP requires written or oral (telephone) permission from the parent. There is a maximum of three swats per paddling, to be administered only by the building principal. The student and/or parent may choose a different punishment.
        At the High School only, "a student may substitute one (1) swat per demerit." Paddling is mentioned in particular for a first offense of fighting.

  • These Oklahoma public schools also state that they use corporal punishment, but give few or no details:

    Beaver Public Schools
    Guymon Public Schools
    Meeker Public Schools
    Okmulgee Public Schools (New URL)
    Sharon-Mutual Public Schools, Mutual [DOC] New!
    Tyrone Public Schools New!
    Wewoka Public Schools
    Yarbrough School, Goodwell

  • These Oklahoma public schools or districts are known to use corporal punishment, but did not appear to say so on line when last checked, or are not on line at all:

    Peggs Public School -- see this July 2014 news item
    Roland Public Schools -- see this Sep 2007 news item

    PENNSYLVANIA: private schools

  • Calvary Christian Academy, Quarryville New!
    Parents of new students must submit a "Corporal Correction Release form".

  • Red Lion Christian School, Red Lion
    This school "reserves the right to use paddling as a form of punishment", but not normally as a first resort. Parents must sign to approve the possible use of CP on enrollment.

    SOUTH CAROLINA: private schools

  • Abundant Life Christian School, Greenville
    Parents are required to sign this Letter of Agreement consenting to CP. "The punishment will consist of 5-10 licks on the child's buttocks using a wooden paddle."

  • Calvary Christian School, Myrtle Beach
    This school now states that, although corporal discipline is "the best method of correction in many situations", staff no longer use it "due to our concern for current societal/governmental pressures". Instead, parents are recommended to carry out the CP.

  • Piedmont Christian Academy New!
    "Parents must sign a Corporal Correction Release."

  • Sumter Christian School, Sumter
    Corporal punishment is one method of discipline up to and including 8th grade. Parents are informed if their child is to be paddled. At higher grades there is a demerit system, which makes no specific mention of CP.

    SOUTH CAROLINA: public schools

  • Abbeville County School District (New URL)
    Students here "have a right ... to fair and reasonable physical discipline". Parents submit a form to say whether they wish CP used or not. The paddling must be administered by the principal, assistant principal or designee, who must be of the same sex as the student. CP is particularly mentioned at elementary level for fighting, threats, abusive language.
        See also this May 2009 article in Newsweek about John C. Calhoun Elementary School, a failing school which was turned around when a new principal revived the use of spanking.
        Stats: See this Sep 2011 news item, according to which 62 students were paddled in this district in 2008/09.

  • Anderson School District One, Williamston At Cedar Grove Elementary, CP "occasionally must be used" but only as a last resort.
        At Palmetto Elementary, "paddling" is listed as a possible consequence for inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria.
        Powdersville Elementary and Middle schools merely mention that corporal punishment is a possible result of misbehavior. There are also two high schools, neither of which mentions CP.
        Stats: See this Sep 2011 news item, according to which 80 students were paddled in this district in 2009/10.

  • Lancaster County School District 3
    The only CP allowed is paddling on the buttocks. It is permitted for grades K through 9, curiously excluding grade 9 in 9-12 high schools. The time elapsed between offense and punishment "shall not be so long as to cause undue anxiety in the student".
        Stats: See this Sep 2011 news item, according to which only 4 students were paddled in this district in 2009/10.

  • These South Carolina public schools are also known to use corporal punishment, but did not appear to say so on line when last checked, or are not on line at all:

    Clarendon School District 3, Turbeville -- see this Sep 2011 news item
    Dillon School District 1, Lake View -- see this Sep 2011 news item
    Dillon School District 2, Dillon -- see this Sep 2011 news item

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