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Judicial CP - December 2001

Independent Newspapers, South Africa, 31 December 2001

Nine men flogged for 'theft and illicit sex'

Tehran - Nine Iranians accused of theft and illicit sexual relationships were publicly flogged in Iran's religious city of Qom, the Jomhuri-e-Eslami paper reported on Monday. It said they received between 74 and 100 lashes after being "condemned for theft and illicit sexual relationships with married and unmarried women". A steep rise in public floggings last summer sparked a political dispute between conservatives and reformists backing moderate President Mohammad Khatami. Some reformists argue the public beatings are harming Iran's image on the international stage. A few months ago about 10 cases of flogging a week were being reported, but the latest incident is the first for more than month. - Sapa-AFP

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